10 Must-Have CRM Features for Small Businesses

Selecting the best CRM for your startup SaaS business is a challenging task, and truthfully so. With the plethora of CRMs competing for the attention of business owners worldwide, it only makes sense that you’ll be overwhelmed. Here is our list of top CRM solutions for a new and established enterprise looking to increase their business’s efficiency.

Training staff on new processes takes time and effort, and some enterprises may need to hire a third party to educate employees. Various packages start from $49 per month for three users to $249 per month for 10 users. Luckily, most of the top CRM for startup SaaS companies offer free demos or trials to give businesses more insight into their product. Even the most robust CRM application will fail implementation if its dashboard is too challenging to navigate or understand.

What is the main advantage of using lightweight CRM software over more complex CRM solutions?

These platforms can help businesses segment leads, so they know which customers to focus on most. You can also set a CRM system to automatically notify you at applicable times to ensure customer contact tasks are performed timeously. As its name suggests, Really Simple Systems CRM is an easy-to-use platform designed for growing B2B teams. It promises to empower sales teams, offering standard CRM features like contact management, pipeline management, reporting, and seamless email integrations. To help young businesses get started on the right foot, Zendesk Sell runs a Startups Program that offers 6 free months of unlimited access to all of its products for qualifying startups. With simple workflow automations and insightful real-time analytics, startups using Zendesk have everything they need to build a strong sales strategy for growth.

As for training, it is one of the most important factors of a smooth CRM adoption. It should be an on-going, user-specific hands-on experience, so that everyone knows how to use the software to increase their efficiency. So, when you’re asking for a price, make sure to ask how much it will cost to configure https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ the solution to your needs and to personalize training sessions – not just online tutorials. Most European businesses want to have a local partner to provide local support during and after the CRM implementation. If this is important to you, then it makes sense to look into the vendor’s partner network.

How to Choose the Best CRM for a Startup: A Step-by-step Guide

That’s why reporting should be as fast and easy as possible, because of CRM software. In today’s Relationship Era, companies need to access data from multiple channels to inform sales and marketing goals. The goal here is to ease the burden of using too many apps that tie into customer support. Which, if you’ve ever juggled multiple project management tools and chat apps, plus email, you know the pain of.

features to consider in a startup CRM

But remember, startups value knowledge over anything else, and there’s nothing more valuable than customer data. In addition, having the right CRM software can help your team dodge miscommunication issues between your sales and marketing teams, limited data access, and missed opportunities. Data estimates that using a CRM system can increase a business’s cross-selling and up-selling revenue by 39%. Having the ability to call, SMS, and email a client in the palm of your hands is something that every organization owner requires. Managing a sales pipeline and tracking customer movement through it can help convert more leads into paying clients.

SuperOffice CRM

It also helps pick up common errors that could be made by users or employees. Lastly, having the flexibility to access your CRM while on the move is one of these platforms’ most underrated features. Giving teams the ability to work from anywhere improves overall company нow to find best CRM for startups productivity. During the early phases of an organization’s development, customer contact information is one of the most desirable assets. Without this data, business owners and sales professionals can’t reach out to new customers or update existing clients.

CRM gives sellers all the tools they need in one convenient location. Agile CRM has been around for a decade, quietly building a loyal fanbase, thanks to its surprisingly useful free plan and pro-grade advanced features. Improve your project management with Pipedrive’s Asana integration. Work faster and automate processes by connecting thousands of popular apps via Zapier directly with your Pipedrive CRM.

Spend less time on admin and more time growing your business!

Twelve percent of these buyers wanted to stay between $50 and $100/user/month, and 16 percent were comfortable with the $100-$200/user/month range. These companies value a balance between features and affordability. We wanted to know more about which CRM features and functions users really want, so we asked over 500 companies in the market for a CRM what features they wanted in their CRM platforms.

  • By leveraging the contact history of all your customers housed in the CRM, your business can deliver better client communication and follow-up.
  • Security is a major criterion when selecting a CRM for your business.
  • Freshsales comes with all of the basic CRM needs, including contact management, sales automation, sales pipeline views, and sales activity reports.
  • Capture website visitors, find new prospects and shorten user journeys with this add-on to augment your sales funnel management.
  • Social media posts are a great way to organically improve brand awareness and generate leads.
  • This negatively impacts the customer experience, ending up with late or no replies, irrelevant follow-ups, and high bounce rates.
  • For example, if your customer wants to be removed from your database, you need to able to honor their request and send a confirmation of deletion.

Pipedrive’s sales CRM is a feature-rich yet surprisingly easy-to-use tool. It keeps you up to date with your pipeline management activities, tracks important customer data and helps you improve your business processes. It also keeps team members in sync with access to data like contact information, deal sizes and customer preferences.

Streamlines Communication

This CRM function offers reporting and analytics to help users identify problem areas in order to improve them. Once relegated to business intelligence tools, BI, reporting and dashboards have become some of the top CRM features. Users can view statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized reports and dashboards. They offer real-time data updates and a platform that can be accessed from various portals, improving ease of access for a variety of personnel. Management can use these reports to make data-driven decisions — an investment in CRM BI is an investment in the future of your business. You can make customer interactions available to anyone at the company who might need it.

features to consider in a startup CRM

It also has features for one-click calling, gamification, and appointment scheduling. But, you’ll need to keep your leads, events, and more organized and accessible. Driven by a passion for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SuperOffice makes award winning CRM software for sales, marketing and customer service. As the leading European CRM provider, SuperOffice is trusted by thousands of growing companies. You might have technical questions that only the software provider can answer-finding one that offers customer support without any delay is the key to success for any business. Your business needs complete and unhindered access to support that doesn’t allow geographical boundaries or time zones to come between you and support.

Close offers four plans. Here’s their pricing, when billed monthly:

With a centralized repository of company information, your organization also ensures each staff member is using the latest documentation. This can help your team avoid pitfalls like a sales representative using an outdated presentation. An online document library provides the ability to upload content to a centralized storage location in the cloud. This allows employees to easily access sales presentations, training documentation, marketing collateral, and other business materials.

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